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Halloween Costumes

Our final kids week post is for kids not by kids. We pulled these curtains down from the stage of the Foundry (the place we used to meet for church). Anyway, there was a lot of black fabric. Perfect for … Continue reading

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Sticker Box

Ava here, again. After my brother’s birthday (he got a PS3) there was the container from the game controller. I saw it lying there and thought, maybe I could use it as a sticker box. I actually first wanted to … Continue reading

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Lunchbag scrapbook

Ava here. For this next project, we decided to get the girls together (the brothers were occupied elsewhere) and create some fun scrapbooks. We started by gathering some paper bags. Folded them in half, punched holes and then tied them … Continue reading

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The Brothers' Rad Pocket Pouch

Colin here: I came up with this idea from a ninja cartoon. Mom: That’s because you watch too much t.v. Yeah, but then I wouldn’t have gotten the idea in the first place. Mom: O.k. your right. Continue. Anyway, when … Continue reading

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Ava’s coasters

Ava here. I had this great idea for coaster’s made from some old cards. Here is how you make them. Step 1: find some old cards. I used some old flash cards with princesses and diamonds on them. You will … Continue reading

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Anna's Raggedy Ann Stool

Anna made this great stool out of a Styrofoam box.  She came up with the idea all on her own.  I am going to let her tell you about it: Mom: Anna, what gave you the idea to make a stool out … Continue reading

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Kids Takeover! Kid’s Pillows

Hello. Burk kids here. We have been watching our Moms re-purpose stuff for months now and we have decided that we need to try it out. So, we have distracted the Moms by creating a huge mess over the 4 … Continue reading

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Cork board re-think

Here is something we discovered at citymade while doing the re-purposing challenge. Cork board is really practical. Did you know that? Think about it. It goes with anything. It is so useful for reminders, pictures, and lists and it cuts … Continue reading

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Cabinet re-do

Carol here. When we had our oldest, James, some one gave us a large changing table. It was hand made and really large. Perfect for storing diapers and baby clothes. Now that there are no more babies in my house, … Continue reading

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Book Sling

There is something about children’s books that are just irresistible.  Books are very important to both of our families and we are blessed to have an abundance of them.  The key is, where to put them all.  Here at the Spiehs’ … Continue reading

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