Kids Takeover! Kid’s Pillows

Hello. Burk kids here. We have been watching our Moms re-purpose stuff for months now and we have decided that we need to try it out. So, we have distracted the Moms by creating a huge mess over the 4 day weekend. Trust us, they will be busy for a while.

Meanwhile, we have generated some ideas along with  Anna and Lauren and will be taking over for the week.

Our first project are these fun T-shirt pillows. We found some old t-shirts (Mom saves everything).

We pinned the sleeves and collar.

Sewed them up. Stuffed them. We used dryer lint for some of the stuffing. (What do the moms call that? Oh yeah, double re-purpose!)

Sewed up the bottom.

And now we have pillows form our old t-shirts.

Ava: it is a way you can remember when you wore that old shirt.

Colin: They were satisfying.  Even though we are kids we made something like that.

James: It was cool. EEE!

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  1. Christian Burk says:

    EEEE, indeed.

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