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Citymade's 365th post–one year finished

For the sake of the day, Citymade commissioned a video project (from the husbands) to show a few of the less glamorous repurposed outcomes. While this post is the culmination of the once-a-day repurposing challenge, it is only the beginning … Continue reading

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Tin Votive Holders

We thought it would be nice to add a little soft candle light to our New Year celebration. We had these tin candy molds (think Valentine’s crayons). They are just the right size for votive candles. Now our table looks … Continue reading

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3-2-1 Were are almost there!

That’s right! We are almost there! 365 days of re-purposing! You may ask yourself, “Self, how did these busy ladies acheive this?” Well, truthfully, we were organized. Not “Power to the People” organized, but nitty gritty, plan, plot organized. So, … Continue reading

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From old year to new use

Do you have a tear-off calendar? We have an idea to re-use it. Just save the old pages (if you can keep them attached, even better) and turn it over to use as a note pad or stationary.

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Home Studio Pendants

Today’s repurposing post is a great gift idea that we found on Etsy.  These necklaces are made from scrabble tiles by California couple Stef and Mark. These necklaces are done so beautifully and were loved by the recipients this Christmas. … Continue reading

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A Pouch with a Secret

We have been busy making gifts for the various teachers in our children’s lives.  It is fun to come up with something that is not apple-focused or soap, (not that there is anything wrong with those gifts, we were just … Continue reading

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Found Fabric bookmarks

Merry Christmas from citymade! For the next few posts we are going to feature some of the gifts we have made (or found). Our first gift, Linen Bookmarks. We had linen pants, old shirts and pillow cases. Our girlies drew … Continue reading

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Tissue Box Nativity

Here is a cute way to get the kids involved with the story of Christmas. We took a tissue box (bonus that it had a bamboo background). Cut off the bottom. Then took cork, and some other odds and ends … Continue reading

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Newspaper bag

A quickie, but a goodie! Grab some newspaper, fold it on one side like you would fold a gift box. Punch holes n the top for handles, and you have a eco-gift bag. Totally recyclable!

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Gift Wrap do-it-yourself

If you keep old magazines around “just in case”, well, today is your lucky day! We have a post that will help you wrap gifts and use your magazines (you can also use newspapers) and it is a great project … Continue reading

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