Home Studio Pendants

Today’s repurposing post is a great gift idea that we found on Etsy.  These necklaces are made from scrabble tiles by California couple Stef and Mark.

These necklaces are done so beautifully and were loved by the recipients this Christmas.

Here is a little more info about the couple:

Stef + Mark began their joint effort as jewelry artists in 2008. This mom-preneur had a goal to raise a family and a business together using some of the best energy saving tips. She reined in the creative talents of artist husband, Mark dedicating their whole home into an art studio. Together they juggle raising a young family with making necklaces full-time in sunny California. Forever blessed for both!

Visit their etsy shop here to check out these awesome necklaces.  There are pages and pages of different designs to choose from.  Choosing was definitely the hardest part!

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