We did it!

Well…after 9 long months of planning, hard work and a long day of labor we are happy to announce…

there are curtains up in the Spiehs’ living room

We started with a geometric pattern that I saw online.  I took this pattern and created a large stencil with stencil paper.

I bought four plain white curtain panels from Target.  I did this because I wanted the grommets already in the fabric.  Grommets are a pain to install and I figured that this project was already going to be hard enough.

Next I picked my paint color.  I used a flat latex paint.

photo 1

Using a spray adhesive, we positioned the stencil on the curtain and rolled on the paint with a foam roller.

photo 4

And we did this over and over and over and….

photo 3

about four hours and four blisters later we had covered four panels of curtains!

This was a pretty gutsy project but we did it.  Key word there WE.  This is definitely a two-man job.

I am so happy with how they turned out.  My living room finally looks like a living room…well worth the wait.

photo 5








We did it!


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