Baby Shower gift set

(Carol here) O.k. So I have been obsessed with divided baskets. Making them, not buying them. I was determined to figure out how to make one. I managed to muddle my way through.


Here is my first attempt. Not too shabby. . .


(Pay no attention to what appears to be some kind of card game in the background!)

Being pleased with the results, I made one for a friend for her baby shower. Along with a few other items.


Here is the basket loaded with baby things.

I made some burp clothes to match.


A couple of these adorable bibs.


I also included a t-shirt form Big Bridge Studios. (I love to give my expecting friends t-shirts designed by my friend Kendra.)



I hope my friend liked her gift. I really enjoyed making it and I can’t wait to keep making divided baskets.


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