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When life gives you dragon spikes…make a tail

One of the phenomenons that happen at citymade is what we call a, “doomed project”.  This simply means that a project appears to be doomed from the beginning.  We seem to be powerless in these situations and the fabric usually … Continue reading

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Three Princesses and a Dragon

Halloween is less than a week away, normally this means that Carol and I are scrambling to fulfill the requests of our children’s costume ideas. This year, somehow, we are ahead of the game and are already enjoying the costumes. … Continue reading

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Swagger Wagon

If we haven’t said it a million times before, we love to sew! Not only do we love sewing as an activity, we love all of the nouns that surround the activity. The beautiful and interesting textiles the bold and … Continue reading

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Our Latest Venture

This fall citymade is Charting new territories: the Craft Fair World. We usually shy away from the “C” word but we have recently decided to embrace this “crafting” world and try our hand at a craft fair booth. To tell … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago, half of citymade started a full-time job. Carol is now working as a kindergarten para at Liberty Elementary. This is our children’s elementary school, so it is really a “best case scenario” job for Carol. She … Continue reading

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A Lesson in Chevron

Chevron seems to be everywhere right now.  Target’s Missoni Chevron line may be partially to blame for this Chevron Craze.  The funky zig-zag patterns and bright colors were erased from the shelves within an hour or two in most stores. … Continue reading

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What's with Nebraska?

There is no doubt about it…Omaha, Nebraska is a great place to live. We have four distinct seasons, plentiful agriculture, and a small town feel with the convenience of a city. People we know are getting tattoos of the state … Continue reading

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