When life gives you dragon spikes…make a tail

One of the phenomenons that happen at citymade is what we call a, “doomed project”.  This simply means that a project appears to be doomed from the beginning.  We seem to be powerless in these situations and the fabric usually wins when it decides it doesn’t want to be made into a _____ (fill in the blank).   In our last post we talked about how fun it is when a project comes together easily, well, this is one that did not turn out as planned.

Let me walk you through it,

Caroline will be celebrating her very first Halloween and I imagined her as a cute little flower…looking something like this

I know, so cute right?  And relatively simple sewing?

Not so much.

It all started with a simple pair of fleece pants.  Carol and I have made pants many times and are really quite good at it.  After several tries we were left with this

We weren’t sure what it was either but it looked more like a hat than a pair of pants.

It was off to the fabric store for more green fleece.  Not that we were too disappointed to have a good excuse to go to the fabric store.

With the new fleece I, very proudly, made a pair of pants successfully on the first try.  Bingo. Next came the jacket, another project that is not new to us.

I wish we would have taken pictures of this process because, at one point, Carol had the one arm of the jacket sewn on and sticking straight up out of the neck.  Like I said before…doomed project.  But wait, it gets worse.

I went to work on the petals carefully cutting out each one.  We decided to stuff the petals so that they would stay stiff and not flop over.  When I finished sewing them onto the hood we both just looked at each other and started laughing…hysterically.  My petals turned out enormous and stuck up so far that they looked like giant spikes.  “They look like dragon spikes,” I shrieked.

Carol, being very optimistic, said, “I have enough green fleece for a tail.”  And having two boys Carol is an expert in tail making.  I think that the tail was the only thing that wanted to actually be made because she whipped out this beautiful (can you call a tail beautiful?) elaborate tail in just a few minutes.  It really is the best part of the costume. I was very impressed.

Last, we moved the petals spikes to the middle of the hood, toned them down a little, and we had a dragon costume fit for a Caroline.



She really does look cute in her dragon costume and, somehow, I think it fits her better than the flower.

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