A shirt to DIY for…

Those of you who are new to our blog may not know about our 365 day repurposing challenge. Let us quickly get you up to speed. In 2010 we challenged ourselves to repurpose one item everyday and blog about it. It was a big undertaking…but we did it!
Repurposing isn’t just a thing of our past but is woven into the DNA of citymade. We adapted a new mindset in 2010 about “using what we have” and “making it work”.

One of the items we had a lot of fun re-purposing was a t-shirt.

Today we have two new projects made from repurposed t-shirts.

T-shirt scarves

And braided t-shirt headbands

These t-shirt projects require very little sewing which is nice because Jersey is not our favorite material to sew with. However, one of the nice qualities of jersey is that it does not fray.

These projects may make their debut appearance at our next craft fair November 10th and 11th (more info to come).

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