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A shirt to DIY for…

Those of you who are new to our blog may not know about our 365 day repurposing challenge. Let us quickly get you up to speed. In 2010 we challenged ourselves to repurpose one item everyday and blog about it. … Continue reading

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From old year to new use

Do you have a tear-off calendar? We have an idea to re-use it. Just save the old pages (if you can keep them attached, even better) and turn it over to use as a note pad or stationary.

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Sweater Scrap Hand Warmers

We are so thankful for the beautiful fall weather we are having this year.  However we know the reality of Nebraska winters and the cold that will soon be here.  Taking some wool scraps from sweaters we made these hand … Continue reading

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Fabric Scrap Checkbook Cover

This checkbook cover was made from some scraps left over from an apron we made a while back.  It sure beats the the ugly green leather cover I used to have. I even had room to put my planner in … Continue reading

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Sweet Repurposing

We are pretty sure many of you now have a giant stash of candy in your house from trick-or-treating this weekend.  I know we have way more than we need. We stumbled across this website http://www.candyexperiments.com/ that has some great … Continue reading

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Cabinet re-do

Carol here. When we had our oldest, James, some one gave us a large changing table. It was hand made and really large. Perfect for storing diapers and baby clothes. Now that there are no more babies in my house, … Continue reading

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Printing Cabinet to Thread Shelf

If you don’t know, Christian and I (Carol) are the proud owners of a printing press. Christian bought it right before we were married, so I guess, in a way, it counts as a wedding gift. .  .? Anyway, when … Continue reading

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What to do with tile samples

After you have re-tiled your kitchen or bathroom we know you have asked yourself “what can I do with these tile samples?” Well, even if you haven’t, we think you will enjoy this. We were given some random tiles form … Continue reading

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From jelly jar to toothbrush holder

With 5 sets of teeth in our house, there has to be a place to put all those toothbrushes. (Most commercially made holders only hold 4.) So, we took an old jelly jar and etched the word TOOTHBRUSH on it. … Continue reading

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Fabric Printing, part 6

This print is our favorite! It was such a simple process and the result looks so cool. We took rubber bands and an old stamp. We wrapped the rubber bands around the stamp in a random pattern. Then we put … Continue reading

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