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When life gives you dragon spikes…make a tail

One of the phenomenons that happen at citymade is what we call a, “doomed project”.  This simply means that a project appears to be doomed from the beginning.  We seem to be powerless in these situations and the fabric usually … Continue reading

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Sweet Repurposing

We are pretty sure many of you now have a giant stash of candy in your house from trick-or-treating this weekend.  I know we have way more than we need. We stumbled across this website http://www.candyexperiments.com/ that has some great … Continue reading

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Anna's Pinkalicious Shoes

Anna had this old pair of hand-me-down tennis shoes. They fit her great but weren’t quite “pink” enough for her taste. She decided to be Pinkalicious for Halloween and needed some appropriate shoes. Sparkly pink shoes are not hard to … Continue reading

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