Handmade Christmas-Part four: Bean Bag Chairs

The Spiehs’ girls have always wanted bean bag chairs.  Well, “always for a long time,” as Ava puts it.  To be honest I dreaded this project because I thought it would be hard, tedious and boring.  However, it was just the opposite.  It was pretty fast and easy and very rewarding.

I found three adorable coordinating fabrics to use.  Good fabric always makes a project more fun!


We have cute little reading nook at the top of upstairs that became the new home for these bean bag chairs.

Here is our usual model on the bean bag chairs.  (All of the other models are in school all day long so it’s up to Caroline…at least she is cute).



She just so happens to be holding the purse that I made her for Christmas as well…good girl.



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  1. Kristina says:

    Did you make these bean bags? I am wanting to make them for our kids and am looking for a pattern. Our kids are 8 and 6 and I am finding the homemade ones are a tad on the small size. I would like them to last hopefully for a few years, or as long as they like them. Yours are the shape and by the look of it size, I was looking for.
    Any guidance would be wonderful.
    Thanks so much for your time.

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