Three Princesses and a Dragon

Halloween is less than a week away, normally this means that Carol and I are scrambling to fulfill the requests of our children’s costume ideas. This year, somehow, we are ahead of the game and are already enjoying the costumes.
We aren’t sure what has gotten into us, but we have let our girls succombe to the intense marketing of the Disney Princesses. This year we have a Jasmine, a Belle, and a Rapunzel.

Each costume varied in its degree of difficulty.

The Tangled dress was a Christmas present for Lauren last year so, thankfully,  it didn’t need much work. I did adjust the sleeves so that it fit better and added an extra ruffle to make it special for Halloween.

For Anna’s Belle dress, I started with a little yellow dress-up dress we had. I changed the sleeves, added some length, made tucks in the skirt and finished it off with some extra ruffles and pink roses.

Ava’s Jasmine costume was made from scratch (it is nearly impossible to find a modest Jamine costume). I just had a vision in my head and was able to make it work with the fabric; this doesn’t always happen so it is really fun when it does. (And Carol was oh-so-appreciatve that Melany did all the work. Best friends are awesome)

This week the three princesses went on a carriage ride so that they could enjoy their costumes a little more. It was a super fun time full of great conversations about princesses and horses and dragons.

Speaking of dragons, here is a little preview of Caroline’s costume…

It really deserves it own post so you will have to wait to see the rest.

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