A few weeks ago, half of citymade started a full-time job. Carol is now working as a kindergarten para at Liberty Elementary. This is our children’s elementary school, so it is really a “best case scenario” job for Carol. She is so good with children and the school is super lucky to have her.
What does this mean for citymade? It means that we are learning to be more creative in making time for sewing. It means that we are learning to be more intentional bloggers. It means that we are committed to citymade more than ever.

The beautiful thing about friendship is that when one is weak, the other is strong. Carol was amazing at keeping up with citymade the last 7 months while I was taking care of a newborn. Now it is my turn to pick up some slack during this season of citymade.
I miss my friend more than I can even describe but have peace knowing that she has a good job where she is happy and treated well.

As for me, I am tackling projects every opportunity I can.  I try to work during nap and quiet time or after the kids are asleep.  I almost always have a project in my head ready to jump out when it gets the chance.  The chevron purse that was in our latest post was a “burning the midnight oil” project the other night when I couldn’t sleep

and… of course, I am always dreaming our citymade dream of running a sewing lounge and teaching others to sew, with my best friend.

*photo drawn by Erin Human.  Check out her custom cards here.



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