A Lesson in Chevron

Chevron seems to be everywhere right now.  Target’s Missoni Chevron line may be partially to blame for this Chevron Craze.  The funky zig-zag patterns and bright colors were erased from the shelves within an hour or two in most stores.

Now you see why?

For Carol and I, seeing this pattern brought back memories of the afghans that our grandmothers used to knit.


Chevron simply means “inverted v”.  There are actually some pretty sweet chevron patterns that occur naturally.  Check it out…

During our last trip to the fabric store we found some chevron for just $1.00/yard!  We love those kind of deals.  This is what we did with our chevron

An apron

A purse (That Carol is currently “product testing”)

A wristlet

A Nebraska coin purse




and a coffee sleeve

If you like some of our latest creations we are going to be at several craft shows this fall. Watch for upcoming information.

This will be an excellent opportunity to get started on your Christmas shopping while supporting local artists.


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