What's with Nebraska?

There is no doubt about it…Omaha, Nebraska is a great place to live. We have four distinct seasons, plentiful agriculture, and a small town feel with the convenience of a city.
People we know are getting tattoos of the state (we won’t name any names …okay it’s Jeff Spiehs and Dan Cummings). Even Lady Ga Ga is singing about Nebraska

Here are some things that originated right here in Nebraska

And of course

Citymade loves Nebraska (mostly because it is our home and a little bit because it is such a nice simple outline*) and we are showing it by adding to our repitiour of Nebraska products.
Here are some of our new salutes to a great state

and our old faithfuls…



If you love the good life here is your chance to show it and sport something from our Nebraska line.
Be proud fellow Nebraskans, be proud.


*For those of you who sew, could you imagine sewing on an applique of a state like Louisiana?




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