Book Sling

There is something about children’s books that are just irresistible.  Books are very important to both of our families and we are blessed to have an abundance of them.  The key is, where to put them all.  Here at the Spiehs’ house we have one bookshelf devoted to our children’s books, however books end up in every room by the end of the day.  Anna and Lauren’s room is a little too small to hold their own bookshelf so we came up with this solution.  The book sling:

First, we took two old curtain rods and attached them to the wall using a double bracket.

The sling was made by quilting together some gingham fabric scraps.

I lined the sling with a toile canvas that had once been curtains in Anna’s nursery.

Last, I sewed two tubes on the ends of the sling and inserted the curtain rods.

Another fun and easy project.  Now, off to read Imogene’s Antlers.

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