Washable Diaper Pail

Here is another cloth diapering accessory. This washable diaper pail can hang from a doorknob and hold diapers that are waiting to be washed. Just like our wet bags, this bag has a waterproof lining and can be washed with the diapers.

We sewed in a small piece of fleece to place several drops of an essential oil on to keep odor down. I like using tea tree or lavender oil.

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Take-along Changing Pad

This roll-up changing pad was made from a cloth diaper.

We quilted the diaper onto this cute baby jungle fabric and added ties for closure. This changing pad roll fits easily into a diaper bag.

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Multi-use Wet Bags

We love(d) cloth diapering our babies at city made. However, there is a lot of gear that comes along with cloth diapering.

We designed these waterproof take-along wet bags to put wet or dirty diapers in.

These handy bags are lined with a PUL waterproof fabric and have a Velcro closure. These bags can be machine washed right along with the cloth diapers.

This one even matches our diaper bag we made.

These wet bags are also handy for potty training accidents or wet swimwear.

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It's baby week

It’s baby week here at citymade! Citymade baby is almost here (just another couple of weeks). In honor of the impending birth of Melany’s baby, we are busy creating adorable baby accessories. This week we will feature some original creations, some projects we have always wanted to try, a gift for  friend of citymade, Mary’s, baby and a guest designer/friend of citymade.

Our first priority, the baby bag. Melany had been saving this Ikea fabric since last summer. She had a design in mind, but the pattern we had was for a purse.

So, with a few size adjustments and a rethinking of the inside (place for cloth diapers, butt spray, burp cloth) we were able to create this functional and stylish bag.

There was even enough fabric left over for one of Carol’s wrist purse (it even clips into the bag).

Diaper bag. Check.

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Happy Valentines Day

Citymade is celebrating Valentines day by creating for those we love.

1.  Sweetheart Skirt- we made these for our girlies this year.  These are actually our February citymake of the month

2. Tiny Totes- these were made for our friends and our children’s teachers

3. Heart Pencil Case- made for Lauren’s pre-school teacher

4. Valentine Bookmark- Anna made these post-consumer cardboard bookmarks for her Kindergarten friends.

5. Sweetheart Skirt

6. Chunky Crayons-Lauren made these chunky crayons from old broken crayons for her pre-school friends.

7.  Heart Pencil Case

We wish all of our readers a Happy Valentines Day.  Thank you for all of your comments and encouragement, we love you!

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February citymake of the Month: Sweetheart skirt

Spring is just around the corner. For citymade, that means skirt weather.

We present the Sweetheart skirt. Just for you.

Here is your part. Email us at citymade@gmail.com. Tell us what size your child is ( we will need  their measurements for their waist and  waist to knee). Then tell us what color(s) you want (or if you have fabric, that will work too). We will email you pics of  fabric swatches for you to choose from. (For example, if you tell us you like the color pink, we will send pics of some of our pinkest fabrics for you to choose from).

Then tell us if you want a pocket or not.

It will take us about a week to get your skirt made.

The cost of the skirt is $20.00 due at the time you order your Sweetheart skirt.

Don’t you want your sweethearts to look as adorable as ours?

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Anna's Dance Bag

Citymade daughter Anna started dance class today.  As we were getting everything ready I realized that Anna did not have a cute little dance bag to put her shoes in.

“Can you make me a dance bag mom?”  Anna asked.  With limited time and fabric choice I was unsure, but not Anna.  It is nice to know that she still thinks I can do anything.  She went over to my sewing area and chose the most silky and sparkly fabrics she could find (no surprise).

I quickly went to work making her bag.  I was thankful for my year of experience in the art of repurposing because it really came in handy for this project.  I used a sparkly elastic head band that the girls wouldn’t wear because it was “too tight” for handles on the bag.  I finished by adding a pink ruffle that I had taken off a skirt that I shortened for Lauren last summer.

Anna looked so grown up

Here is the little dancer in action.  So proud of her today!

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What's your bag?

Today we have been thinking about bags.

We really like them, or I should say we really like to make them.

I (Carol) have been working on a pencil bag from pink penquin.

Something about the shape appeals to me. I also love the quilted-ness of it with out being to crafty-quilty (is that even a thing?) I have to admit, though, Melany and I are all thumbs when it comes to bias tape. Not sure what the problem is. So, in doing this again, I think I would change the way I made it in order to eliminate the bias tape at the top-yuk. (I know, we should challenge ourselves, but we are really bad at sewing bias tape). On a “re-purposful” note-the lining is made form an old t-shirt.

Since we were thinking bags, we thought we would show off some of the other fun bags we have made.

Love the small tote. Pink/brown combo. Yes.

We also made quite a few bags from the big piece of linen we bought at IKEA last summer. Combined with some funky house fabric, makes for a nice, simple tote.

And of course, you can’t leave out our small clutch with a strap. Once we started making these we couldn’t stop. The denim on these was an old pair of jeans (yes-we are still at it!)

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Citymake of the Month: Custom iPad Sleeves

For the month of January we will be featuring our custom iPad sleeves.

Here is the deal:

Give or send us your gently used tweed, wool, corduroy or denim jacket and we will design a custom made iPad sleeve for you.

Cost: $25

Email us at citymade@gmail.com to place an order.  Once you email us we will give you instructions on where to send the jacket.

*Please specify if you would like your jacket scraps returned.

All iPad cases will be lined with flannel or fleece and have a pocket on the front unless otherwise requested.  Please allow a two week turn-around.

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Citymade's Snow Day

Omaha was finally gifted with our first snow day of the winter. Citymade took advantage of this day off to get back to what we love to do. We had a nice full day of sledding, sewing and soup.

We are so thankful for the citymade dads for taking the kids sledding today. They were excited and had so much fun.

With all of the children out of the house Carol and I went right back to sewing again. It was nice having a week off of blogging but we were itching to get back to it.  We had a request from our husbands to make ipad cases so that is what we went to work doing.  In true citymade fashion we used the guys old suit jackets for fabric.

These transformed beautifully into ipad cases with built in pockets and neat buttons.

We ended the day with Carol’s delicious chicken noodle soup together as friends.

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