Anna's Dance Bag

Citymade daughter Anna started dance class today.  As we were getting everything ready I realized that Anna did not have a cute little dance bag to put her shoes in.

“Can you make me a dance bag mom?”  Anna asked.  With limited time and fabric choice I was unsure, but not Anna.  It is nice to know that she still thinks I can do anything.  She went over to my sewing area and chose the most silky and sparkly fabrics she could find (no surprise).

I quickly went to work making her bag.  I was thankful for my year of experience in the art of repurposing because it really came in handy for this project.  I used a sparkly elastic head band that the girls wouldn’t wear because it was “too tight” for handles on the bag.  I finished by adding a pink ruffle that I had taken off a skirt that I shortened for Lauren last summer.

Anna looked so grown up

Here is the little dancer in action.  So proud of her today!

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  1. pitterpatter4 says:

    city-made moms are the best! I read this, looked at the pix & wished that I wear graceful Anna, embarking on my career as a ballerina. Love, love, love the bag!!

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