What's your bag?

Today we have been thinking about bags.

We really like them, or I should say we really like to make them.

I (Carol) have been working on a pencil bag from pink penquin.

Something about the shape appeals to me. I also love the quilted-ness of it with out being to crafty-quilty (is that even a thing?) I have to admit, though, Melany and I are all thumbs when it comes to bias tape. Not sure what the problem is. So, in doing this again, I think I would change the way I made it in order to eliminate the bias tape at the top-yuk. (I know, we should challenge ourselves, but we are really bad at sewing bias tape). On a “re-purposful” note-the lining is made form an old t-shirt.

Since we were thinking bags, we thought we would show off some of the other fun bags we have made.

Love the small tote. Pink/brown combo. Yes.

We also made quite a few bags from the big piece of linen we bought at IKEA last summer. Combined with some funky house fabric, makes for a nice, simple tote.

And of course, you can’t leave out our small clutch with a strap. Once we started making these we couldn’t stop. The denim on these was an old pair of jeans (yes-we are still at it!)

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