February citymake of the Month: Sweetheart skirt

Spring is just around the corner. For citymade, that means skirt weather.

We present the Sweetheart skirt. Just for you.

Here is your part. Email us at citymade@gmail.com. Tell us what size your child is ( we will need  their measurements for their waist and  waist to knee). Then tell us what color(s) you want (or if you have fabric, that will work too). We will email you pics of  fabric swatches for you to choose from. (For example, if you tell us you like the color pink, we will send pics of some of our pinkest fabrics for you to choose from).

Then tell us if you want a pocket or not.

It will take us about a week to get your skirt made.

The cost of the skirt is $20.00 due at the time you order your Sweetheart skirt.

Don’t you want your sweethearts to look as adorable as ours?

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