Happy Valentines Day

Citymade is celebrating Valentines day by creating for those we love.

1.  Sweetheart Skirt- we made these for our girlies this year.  These are actually our February citymake of the month

2. Tiny Totes- these were made for our friends and our children’s teachers

3. Heart Pencil Case- made for Lauren’s pre-school teacher

4. Valentine Bookmark- Anna made these post-consumer cardboard bookmarks for her Kindergarten friends.

5. Sweetheart Skirt

6. Chunky Crayons-Lauren made these chunky crayons from old broken crayons for her pre-school friends.

7.  Heart Pencil Case

We wish all of our readers a Happy Valentines Day.  Thank you for all of your comments and encouragement, we love you!

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