It's baby week

It’s baby week here at citymade! Citymade baby is almost here (just another couple of weeks). In honor of the impending birth of Melany’s baby, we are busy creating adorable baby accessories. This week we will feature some original creations, some projects we have always wanted to try, a gift for  friend of citymade, Mary’s, baby and a guest designer/friend of citymade.

Our first priority, the baby bag. Melany had been saving this Ikea fabric since last summer. She had a design in mind, but the pattern we had was for a purse.

So, with a few size adjustments and a rethinking of the inside (place for cloth diapers, butt spray, burp cloth) we were able to create this functional and stylish bag.

There was even enough fabric left over for one of Carol’s wrist purse (it even clips into the bag).

Diaper bag. Check.

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