Citymade's Snow Day

Omaha was finally gifted with our first snow day of the winter. Citymade took advantage of this day off to get back to what we love to do. We had a nice full day of sledding, sewing and soup.

We are so thankful for the citymade dads for taking the kids sledding today. They were excited and had so much fun.

With all of the children out of the house Carol and I went right back to sewing again. It was nice having a week off of blogging but we were itching to get back to it.  We had a request from our husbands to make ipad cases so that is what we went to work doing.  In true citymade fashion we used the guys old suit jackets for fabric.

These transformed beautifully into ipad cases with built in pockets and neat buttons.

We ended the day with Carol’s delicious chicken noodle soup together as friends.

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