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Don't look at that clock on the wall, no actually do look at it. Our time has come.

The rumors are true, this is the last post by Christian and me. Is it the last post because the ladies have had enough of our shenanigans and want their blog back? (Read on for the astonishing answer . . . … Continue reading

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The best writing's got an angle

Much of our house is devoted to the the storage of books. We have three bookshelves in the front room, one in the parents bedroom, 2 in the kids bedroom and three more in the office. Book shelves may be … Continue reading

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You can hang your hopes on this iPad stand

Ok, so you have the iPad and you want to lay in your bed and watch movies from the Netflix iPad app. But you want to hold you significant other’s hand while you watch Zombieland. How can you hold the … Continue reading

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Not all TV will rot your brain

(In my alternate history of human culture, there was once no such thing as TV. People told stories. Then, they told the same stories over and over again, and everyone got bored. Then, someone started torturing small animals, pulling wings … Continue reading

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MacBook Not Afraid Take a Stand

Christian is a whiner baby and has to have everything “just right.” Everyone agrees that this gets old real fast. Continue reading

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It's a stimulating beverage AND a furniture cleaner

Jeff’s coffee addiction and filthy chair cancel each other out in today’s repurposing post. Continue reading

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Do not attempt to adjust your browser . . .

There is nothing wrong with your computer . . . we are controlling citymade. This week the husbands (Jeff and Christian) will be taking over the job of posting for City Made. We don’t know why, other than that we … Continue reading

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