Not all TV will rot your brain

(In my alternate history of human culture, there was once no such thing as TV. People told stories. Then, they told the same stories over and over again, and everyone got bored. Then, someone started torturing small animals, pulling wings of flies, later lighting the tails of foxes on fire and then dog fighting. Then, someone wrote a book, and people started torturing their kids by making them read. Along came Philo T. Farnsworth with the TV and everyone was happy. Until the digital conversion, that is. Now, old analog TVs collect dust and recollect reruns of Small Wonder and Street Hawk. You know what that means? It’s time to mash up two dead technologies into one! [Christian fantasizes])

The above article is pretty funny, but please if you are to do this project, let’s not have “not having a tv” be your inspiration.

With television sets boasting about being only 1/2 inch thick these days, you could certainly make a case for tv rotting your brain. However, if you have one of these 1985 Goldstar television sets sitting up in your storage closet, or if for some strange reason you have it connected to your Blu-Ray DVD player, there may be a better use for it.  I found this tv at a thrift store, can you believe it? No one wanted this anymore!

I thought that you could gut out your old tv and store some books inside of the screen. It is not the most practical of ways to store your books, but it does create a retro aesthetic to your study room or office.

I took it home and with a screw driver and some wire cutters was able to make room for books.

After that it was fairly simple to screw the television set back together and then put some books inside. If we were really ingenious, we could figure out a way to use the knob to (not sure what yet)

If your book really makes your imagination work, you can always look at the screen and pretend it is on tv.

*If you are like me, if I come across books, I want to know what books they are, for those interested, from left to right:

In Search of Paul-John Dominic Crossan (Thanks David Nich Sr.!)
Orthodoxy-G.K. Chesterton
A Man Without a Country-Kurt Vonnegut (Thanks Christian!) (Hey, that’s just borrowed, you know. [Christian’s surprise that a book was gone])
Blue Like Jazz-Donald Miller
Book of Common Prayer
Wisdom of Stability-Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
I Came to the City-Elliot Hurst
Celebrating The Eucharist
With Justice For All-John M. Perkins
Evil And The Justice of God-NT Wright
Chronicles-Bob Dylan
The General Theory-John Maynard Keyes
Thinking About Thinking-Clark McKowen

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