Don't look at that clock on the wall, no actually do look at it. Our time has come.

The rumors are true, this is the last post by Christian and me. Is it the last post because the ladies have had enough of our shenanigans and want their blog back? (Read on for the astonishing answer . . . [Christian entices])

No, it is the last post because we husbands can barely get this done, and it has only been one week. We are very impressed with Melany and Carol and their ability to balance family, work, and this website. We are proud of them. The time and effort they put into this blog does not go unnoticed. Christian and I often have conversations about what they do, and we think this site is pretty cool. Whenever we think we have a great idea, we bring it to them, and they already have a better idea than we could ever come up with. Thank you for giving us this week on your blog, now please, take it back, Melany and Carol. You are much better at this than we are.

For our last post, we wanted to pay homage somehow to the Godfather of re-purposing:

Flavor Flav. The way that he can re-purpose clocks is astounding. He is our inspiration for our last post. We are not even going to attempt to create a clock necklace the way that he does. However, the re-thinking of clocks became our launching pad.

Christian had this old clock in his office, and [while he still liked Salvador Dali’s work (Christian)], the photo behind it just wasn’t doing it for him anymore. The clock kit was worth keeping. We just wanted to use it for something else. We both like to read, but we don’t waste our time reading .

I had this book up in my storage closet that I got at a political/theological/economic think tank conference a couple of years ago. I have not put the book to good use yet.

What is the book all about?

Is it because I don’t know what the Mystery is all about? Is the Mystery that I do not ever have enough Capital? Is the Mystery how we have survived this long on Capitalism? In any case, the book is rather far down on my list of “books I own but haven’t had time to read yet, but will eventually” list and instead could serve two purposes. It could tell time, and it could be a great conversation starter.

We were able to cut some pages out of the book to make it less thick. Then a simple push of the electric drill and you have a hole in the book that you can slide the front of the clock kit through. You probably have an old clock kit somewhere in your house you are not using, if not they can be picked up at any hobby store.

After attaching the back battery pack and hanging device to the book it is ready to be put on the wall and do its job.

Christian and I have enjoyed the challenge of re-purposing one thing a day. Thanks for following along. If anyone wants to create a viral video campaign to have us back (I know you are already starting one), we probably won’t listen to the cries of the legions of fans we have amassed [unless generous remuneration is promised [Christian]), so this is our swan song. This is it. (Time has come today. [Christian])

Now back to your regularly scheduled posts by Melany and Carol. (I am sure you have all been patiently waiting to hear those words)

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