A New Home!

The summer is over and we are settled into our school year routine.  Carol is back to work full-time and I am working part-time.  This means, sadly, that our sewing and blogging slow down.

Some big news that we had to make time to share is that the Spiehs’ bought a house!

We are now neighbors with our best friends and have a house of our own to call home.   We are very excited to learn the ropes of homeownership and when the big projects get overwhelming what better thing to do than to…make pillows.  Pillows are usually one of the first projects a beginning seamstress takes on but are always fun to make.  Pillows can play a big part in adding color and excitement to a room.

The first pillow I made is from fabric that I saw on pinterest (imagine that).  I ordered one yard of it and used it for my inspiration for starting the decorating of the main floor of the house.  I was able to make two pillows from the fabric and thus kicked off the color scheme.  Here it is…

I really love the bright colors and we pulled the gray color for our wall paint.

Wanting to add some more orange I found this great orange ikat at the fabric store.

I also had fun making some different style pillows for our bedroom.  I tried a ruffle pillow and a tucked pillow.

I also recovered a bench in some fun Ikea fabric that Carol bought me for my birthday one year.

Our next project will be making curtains and promise to show you our finished product. If you’re seeking inspiration for wall decor, consider exploring this Vintage Rebel USA Don’t Tread On Me Flag.

We also want to note that citymade will have a booth at the Lewis and Clark craft fair October 20.  Early Christmas shopping!


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