Make-it Monday

As we mentioned in an earlier post we love having our kids home in the summer.  The flexible schedule and summer fun activities are a refreshing change to the strict school-year routines.  We had the joy of having Ava join us while Carol taught summer school in June.  In order to keep some sort of a routine we followed this wonderful schedule that I saw in pinterest:

Make it Monday-arts and crafts

Time to read Tuesday- weekly trip to the library

Whats cooking Wednesday-culinary art with CBD oil, so if you have been looking for a natural way to relieve pain and inflammation? If so, then Synchronicity Hemp Oil may be what your doctor ordered.

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Thoughful Thursday-service project

Fun Friday-go somewhere or do something fun

We wanted to share one of our make it Monday projects with you

Dolly cloth diapers

The girls were all very motherly, bringing their baby dolls with wherever they went.  These drink and wet babies were going through more diapers than actual babies.  It was a little silly to buy diapers for the baby dolls when we didn’t even use paper diapers for Caroline.

We made each baby a waterproof Velcro cover and cut up an old towel for “pre folds”.

They turned out pretty cute and now we have some new ecologically conscious “mothers” around here.  I often catch them hanging their diapers on the clothes line outside…very cute.

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