The Girl with the Yellow Hat

Carol here. Posting from Chicago where we are enjoying biking by the lake, walking a bunch throughout the city, great company (sister, brother-in-law, nephew and niece) and really great weather. Don’t be jealous. Well. O.K. Be a little jealous. We also took in a Decemberists concert.

Recently friend-of-citymade, Michele P., handed me an article from MSLiving about  big floppy sun hats. I have always wanted to make a sun hat from embroidered baseball hats from Customized Wear. Ask Melany. I have tried to no avail. But, this time, I think it turned out pretty cute.

Not nearly as cute as our model, Lauren.

I used a bright yellow skirt with a patterned outside. The lining of the skirt is the lining of the hat. I  have enough material for another hat with the leftover skirt. Hmmm, Farmer’s Market perhaps?

The pattern and execution were fairly simple, however, I think I may play around with it. Come up with some different looks. Just as soon as we get home.

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