Anna's Tote

Anna recently turned six years old and had been diligently asking for a tote bag for her birthday.  I decided to use a dress that was one of her favorites that she recently grew out of.

Anna loved this little dress and was heartbroken when she couldn’t wear it anymore.  Normally, she would just pass down her clothes to her two younger sisters but she had a hard time letting this one go.  I love the colors in this dress and thought it would make a lovely tote bag.

Here is Anna with her birthday tote bag

Anna has always been camera shy but she really loves her tote and takes it everywhere with her.  I have to admit I like looking through her purse or bag to see what she deems important enough to tote along.  Right now the contents of her tote are as follows: an empty wallet, sunglasses, a comb, an old cel phone, a notebook, lip gloss, a camera, three sets of old keys, and a bracelet.  She seems pretty prepared for a six year old.

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