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Plastic Pouch to Tiny Doll Bag

This little plastic pouch had the cutest pair of pink shoes for Ava when she was a baby. Now, she is 6 and the pink shoes don’t fit anymore. But, the package was so nice, I couldn’t throw it away. … Continue reading

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Small Plastic Hanger to Jewelry Holder

Ever wonder what to do with small plastic hangers? Like the kind that socks come on? Well one of those plus some plastic from seat protectors ( ripped, old, form the car), can become a handy jewelry holder. The hanger … Continue reading

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Wash Cloth to Make-Up Bag

Our final wash cloth and towel week project is this handy make-up bag. It is one wash cloth, cut in two, and sewn together. We lined it with plastic from a lotion gift set and the zipper is from an … Continue reading

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Dress Re-Assembled

Go ahead, mess with the dress. This dress was City Made daughter, Lauren’s. She did not like to wear it because of the itchy collar and sleeves. We removed them and sewed the seams up and now it is an … Continue reading

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Today’s re-purposing idea: Styro-art We get veggies from the store on styrofoam trays (not quite sure why). Anyway, rather than put them in the trash, we decided to make some art with them. Carve a pattern into the bottom, then … Continue reading

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