Handmade Christmas-Part One: Caroline's Tool Set

One of the busiest and most productive times of the year for citymade is Christmas time.  We love putting on Christmas music and sewing for hours at a time.  We always say we are going to start making Christmas gifts in July but it usually comes down to a frantic sewing frenzy during Christmas break!

Our first Christmas gift we want to highlight is Caroline’s Tool Set.  For some reason, Caroline loves tools…she takes after her mommy I guess. Every time I pull out the tools she has to try them out and “fix dis” as she says.  This gift of her own tool set was a no brainer.  Of course she needed her own pink tool caddy and tool belt…that is where citymade came in.  We even stenciled Caroline’s name onto her tool caddy using fabric paint and freezer paper.



Here she is in action!

photo (2)

I liked Caroline’s pink tool caddy so much that I asked for my own for Christmas.  Thanks Jim and Nancy!  Now we can carry around our tools in style.

photo (1)






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