Advent Calendars

Today marks the beginning of the Christmas countdown. Only 25 days until Christmas! The anticipation of Christmas is so fun and children are always wondering, “How many days until Christmas?”

Today we would like to take some time to show you several advent calendars that we have made for our families.

The Quilt

Carol made this quilt advent calendar a couple of years ago. She sewed quilt blocks together using some cute Christmas fabric and denim.  Her pockets are made from felt shapes that she sewed on and individually numbered.  Her children look forward to the surprise in the pocket each morning.

The Tree


This calendar is nice for small children because it is interactive.


The child puts one ornament in the tree each day and by Christmas the tree is full. The tree and ornaments are made of felt so it works like a flannel graph.


We let the kids help design the ornaments which was a lot of fun. The star on the top can be the final one on Christmas day.


The Pocket

I made this pocket calendar new this year for my girls. There are 25 pockets with numbered clothespins. Each day the children can take off the clothespin and put it in the pocket.

Here are some fun ideas of what to fill an advent calendar with:
candy, gum, peppermints, coins, art supplies, stickers, notes of encouragement, kid coupons (such as “Get out of making your bed today” or “Ten extra minutes of video games”), family activities to do each day (drive around and look at Christmas lights, read a Christmas story, bake cookies together), or random acts of kindness challenges (hold the door for someone, make a friendly phone call, compliment someone today)

Happy Christmas countdown!

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