Live Sewing

Yes, you read that correctly. Citymade will be loading up the Bernina for our Craft show this weekend.

(Melany in action!)

We are really excited about this new element. There were many moments at the Farmer’s market and last craft show when we wished we had our sewing machine along.

There are several reasons why we are going to try this out.

First of all, we are hoping it will be a draw to our booth. People love action and may be drawn to our booth to watch the creating in process.

Next, we often have requests for minor alterations on our products. People may ask for a change in a strap, fastener or size of one of our products. Normally, we would have to take down all of their info and get back to them at a later time. With our sewing machine there, our hope is that we can fulfill these requests on the spot.

Lastly, we just love to sew! We always have projects we want to try so, if there is a lull, we can just sew.

This live sewing will be taking place this Friday, November 11th from 5 to 9 pm and Saturday, November 12th from 8am to 1pm at St. Matthews Church 12210 S. 36 St. Bellevue. This is just 0.9 miles SOUTH of HWY 370 On 36th St.

We would love for you to stop by and say hi.

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