Farmer's Market, new page, bubble gum and cherry cobbler!

Whew! What a great (and busy) weekend here at city made. We were at the Farmer’s Market  on Saturday.

We had a great time and met some wonderful people. Many times, at the market, people ask us if we can make something specific for them. Melany and I are willing to try almost anything,(sewing-wise that is), we just need time to do it and a way of getting in touch with those who want it. Thanks to our tech guy (Christian), we set up a Product Request Page on our site. Just click on it, fill out the easy form and we will be in touch. So exciting, as many of our ideas come from the great people we meet.

Also this weekend:

Colin won the Bubble gum contest at Springfield days! ( A second win for Colin)

(Still unclear: is it the size of the bubble or the amount of bubbles?)

Christian took the kids cherry picking at a friends house.

The result was the most delicious cherry cobbler! (Thank you Teri Lynn Schrag for letting us pick cherries and Christian for making the cobbler!)

On with the sewing and creating.

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