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One of the first things we (Melany and Carol that is) made together was an apron, oven mitt, pot holder set. It was for a friend’s bridal shower and it was also the thing that started our working together.

Since that time we have made lots of aprons in all different shapes and  styles. We want to highlight a few that we will have for sale at our booth at the Farmer’s Market and we thought what better way then to have some of our friends model them.

Michelle and Hannah are wearing our full length reversible apron.

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One side has colorful stripes and an aplique,

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while the other  has fruit and birds (put a bird on it).

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Next, we have our friend Lynne in linen.

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This apron was part of the where can i purchase prednisone. We added  the stencil for a little something extra.

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Luisa buy prednisone online cheap is wearing another half apron.

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This was made from some bought fabric with some fabric from an unused curtain for the reverse side.

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Melany’s neighbor, Lisa, stopped by and posed in one of our clothespin aprons.

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The large pocket can hold many clothespins or any thing else you need.

buy prednisone 5mgWow! We have some lovely friends!

But, wait, we had a few fellas who also admired our aprons.

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Dan looking pretty in pink

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and Mark sporting a nice summer look. (The T shirt actually matches the apron. Nice.)

Way to go guys!

See you tomorrow at the Farmer’s Market June 11th 8:00 to 12:30.




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