. . .and we're back!

Wow. It is good to be back. Between baby Caroline and birthday month, we have been busy at citymade.

We have also been busy sewing and creating. Celebrating so many birthday’s in the month of March presented us with an opportunity to make hand made gifts for people. For the next few posts, we will feature some of those hand made gifts.

Natalie’s Birthday jewelry holder.

Friend-of-citymade, Heidi’s beautiful daughter Natalie celebrated her 9th birthday (Carol: I still remember going to see her the day after she was born. She had the tiniest finger nails I had ever seen!). Natalie wears some pretty jewelry and so we thought of this jewelry holder for her.

We have a bunch of this very pink, but just enough black to make it not too pink, fabric (you will be seeing a lot of it in the coming posts)

and I (Carol)  am crazy for zippers and have a ton of them (thank you zipit at etsy!) we were able to create a 2 pocket holder for jewelry,

plus a ribbon to tie on your rings.

We hope she loves it and we love her!

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