Striped Sweater Stocking

Now that we have started our countdown to Christmas our next several posts will be repurposed Christmas decorations.

We had a small amount of this green striped sweater from our re-purposed sweater week back in February.  We decided it would make the perfect sweater socking.

Using a stocking template we cut out the stocking and sewed it together with right sides together. We took a piece of wool from the ribbing of another sweater and made the top of the stocking.  This was done by sewing the small green piece into a tube, placing it inside the stocking, sewing around the top edge and then flipping the piece onto the outside of the stocking.  Last we sewed on a  small loop of green bias tape for hanging.

It would be fun to experiment with different combinations of patterned and colored sweaters for this project.

Here is the finished product

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