Cereal Box Advent Calendar

So we made it to the last month of our repurposing challenge.  Thank you to all of you who have been reading our posts.  Don’t worry, we won’t go away after the year ends.  We still plan to create and blog about what we are up to. During the month of December we plan to include repurposed christmas decorations, christmas gifts, gift wrap and much more.

Today we have an Advent Calendar made from a cereal box and old Christmas cards.

We started by cutting off the back and top of the box and cutting the front to look like a roof.  You could really make your calendar any shape that you want, we chose a house.

Next we painted the box black and white and cut out twenty-four windows and one door with an exacto knife.  We used a sharpie to write the numbers on the windows and door.

Last, we cut out pictures from old Christmas cards that we had saved from past years.  We taped the pictures onto the back of the windows and door so that you will see them when the windows are opened.

Now we have our countdown until Christmas!

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