Easter Aftermath

If you have children, you may have an abundance of easter plastic left over from the holiday.  Here are some ways to repurpose that pesky plastic:

Easter Baskets– Remove the handles from the baskets and use them to store toys in a child’s room.  They are colorful and just the right size for putting on a shelf.  

Plastic Easter Eggs– Use them for learning games such as counting, color recognition, color sorting and pattern making.  When you are done you can donate them to your local pre-school teacher (teachers love getting recycled items to use in their classrooms).  

You can also use plastic eggs to store little items such as tacs, screws, and batteries in a junk drawer.  This way you don’t have to dig through the drawer to find a thumb tac when you need one.  

Going on a trip?  Use the plastic eggs to hold little items such a earrings, necklaces or cotton balls.  They hold up better than plastic zip lock bags.  

Easter Grass– If you are anything like us, this stuff makes you crazy.  I usually don’t even like to let it come into my house.  Instead of pitching it right away, use it for packing fragile items.  

I know there are many more possibilities for repurposing all of that easter “stuff”.  Leave us a comment and tell us what you repurposed.  

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