For our re-purposing project today we made a little game/activity container.  This can be used for babies as a shaker or a game to fit the pieces into the hole or for a toddler/pre-school child to learn the letters in their name and put them in order.  Here is how we did it.

1. Remove the label from a plastic frosting container and cut a small rectangular hole in the lid.  

2. Cut letters and pictures from magazines (we chose pictures that the particular child would be interested in).  

3. Choose and wash lids for the game pieces (I used larger juice bottle lids for the baby so that it would not be a choking hazard and smaller milk jug lids for the older child).

4. Decoupage the pictures onto the frosting container (you can use ModgePodge or just Elmers glue and a small paint brush).

5. Decoupage the letters of the child’s name onto each plastic lid.  

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