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Our final thrift store find was this drawer organizer for silverware. Honestly, it was nice, but it looked to large to fit in any kitchen drawer we had. We decided to decoupage some Pokemon characters and use it as a … purchase prednisone for dogs

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Here is a storage container “re-thought”.  While at Thrift World we saw this great storage bin. It was in great shape and was probably used to store media or books at one time.  Maybe it was the size and shape … buy prednisone online usa

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For our second thrift store find we chose these funky earrings.  We really liked them for some reason but they are a little “over the top” for either of us to wear.  Maybe we are just not hipster enough. What … order prednisone online canada

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To some repurposing geeks like us, a thrift store can be a real gold mine.  A store full of used items just waiting for a second life.  We rescued seven items from thrift stores this week and repurposed them, of … buy prednisolone for dogs uk

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