Going Thrifting

To some repurposing geeks like us, a thrift store can be a real gold mine.  A store full of used items just waiting for a second life.  We rescued seven items from thrift stores this week and repurposed them, of course.

We chose downtown south Omaha for our location.  Here is a shot of us driving down the main street. There are at least four thrift stores within two blocks.  We love this area of town, it is always so lively and full of culture.  Also, one of our favorite mexican restaurants, Tijuana Taqueria, is on this street.

We started at this Thrift World and found five of our seven items right away.

Our first project was taking this tote bag, which was cute and in fine shape, (but we have plenty of tote bags) and turning it into…

this very useful lunch bag.

We loved the original colors and stripes on this bag and didn’t want to lose the “feel” of it.  By cutting up the tote bag and using a lunch bag pattern we were well on our way to a finished product.  We were able to use the original handles for a lunch bag handle and we finished it up with some pink bias tape and a little velcro.

Carol thinks it needs a coordinating sandwich wrap.

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