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Broken Basket Re-Used

A tisket, a tasket, we re-purposed a broken basket. We had a broken basket. Rather than toss it in the trash, we decided to make it usable again. We cut off the broken handles, and covered it with cute patchwork … Continue reading

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Mother/Daughter Apron

Mother’s Day re-purposing project for today: Mother/Daughter apron. We found this really large pillow sham. It didn’t fit any pillows we had, so we decided to turn it into matching Mother/Daughter aprons. This was an easy project. We simply cut … Continue reading

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Pillow Case to Artist Roll

Today, for our re-purposing project, we highlight a pillow case. Melany had this pillow case and wasn’t using it on a bed. We decided to make a few things from it. The first is an artist roll. We used the … Continue reading

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Sewing Kit in a Jar

A jar, a piece of fabric, a little hot glue and viola! we have today’s re-purposing project. Sewing Kit in a jar. We simply took a jar and glued a bit of fabric (this is a piece from the skirt-to-sandwich-wrap) … Continue reading

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Flower Girl to Snow Princess

From Flower Girl to Snow Princess This past Halloween I, Melany, had a request from my four-year-old to make a snow princess costume.  Having never sewn clothes before this task seemed very daunting.  Instead of starting from scratch I remembered … Continue reading

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Purse Envy Leads to Sewing

Carol here. Last Thanksgiving Melany walked into my house with this cool purse and was like, “I was bored, I made a purse”. Ever since, I have eyed her purse with envy. I even bought fabric hoping that in her … Continue reading

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