Flower Girl to Snow Princess

From Flower Girl to Snow Princess

This past Halloween I, Melany, had a request from my four-year-old to make a snow princess costume.  Having never sewn clothes before this task seemed very daunting.  Instead of starting from scratch I remembered that I had saved one of my flower girl costumes from when I was young.  By removing the red trim and hemming the bottom of the dress I had a great base to start from.  Carol had bought a pair of white mittens for her daughter and it came with a white scarf that she did not plan on using.  She let me use this to trim the dress with and I also sewed on some little snowflakes.  Carol made a beautiful white cape to keep her warm out of some white fleece she had on hand.  She loved her snow princess costume and has now “repurposed” it into her favorite dress up costume.

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