Caroline has graduated

May was the month of graduation so we decided it was time for Caroline to graduate…to a new diaper bag that is.  We made Caroline’s first diaper bag and loved it.  I received  numerous compliments and loved telling people that we made it when they asked where I bought it.

Since Caroline is entering toddler hood *tear*  her diaper bag needs are changing a bit.  I wanted something a little smaller and with lots of pockets.  Here is what I ended up with.

I am so happy with how this bag turned out.  I love custom designing my own bags because I am able to choose the exact features that I want.

There are outside pockets all of the way around the bag.  These are great for easy access to keys, phone, toys and sippy cups.  There are also four inside pockets that are the perfect size for my wipes, board books and other miscellaneous items.

The fabric I chose was in a box of fabric that my mom had just given me.  I fell in love with this antique floral pattern and it really gave me the inspiration for the bag.

I was able to find a matching solid blue and a coordinating pattern for the pockets and lining of the bag.

Of course we had to make a matching wristlet and key fob.


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