T-shirt to skirt; a "love"-ly up-cycle

This past Valentine’s day we went, once again, to our dear friend-of-citymade, Michele’s, “Cookies and Cocoa” party. It’s an annual tradition that we all look forward to. And, as part of the tradition, Melany and I endeavor to create pretty outfits for the girlies.

This year, we decided to ruffle (and ruffle, and ruffle). We took old t-shirts, cut them into a-line skirts,

ruffled a million miles of cotton (okay, not a million, but in the end it totaled 58 ruffles),

then pinned and sewed each ruffle on each skirt.

The end result (and all the hard work) was totally worth it as the girls looked so adorable.

And, of course, we all had a great time at the party!




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