Christmas gifts part II: the up-cycled jackets

Still more from our Christmas 2011 handmade gift stash. These gifts are some of our favorite kind.

They were up-cycled clothing turned messenger bag.


The light brown used to be a jacket of city made hubby Christian and the pants were a combo of an old pair of James’ and an old pair of Carol’s.

The interior of both bags was an old bed sheet.  We were able to use pockets from both items which saved some work and added an extra handy pocket on the inside of each bag.

We scavenged the straps and clips from old belts and purses.

It felt good to be re-purposing again. What do you think? Another 365 days? Hmmm. . . maybe 2013? or 14?

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  1. Catherine says:

    What great bags! Please do some step-by-step photos.

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