Life Lessons. . .

Whew. That was an interesting Farmer’s Market. I am not sure what was worse, the wind or the rain?

However, we did learn a few things from the experience.

What I learned from standing in a windy, rainy storm trying to stay dry and keep all the fabric dry. (I added pictures for the fun of it. And, unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of our pathetic faces in the nasty weather)

by Carol:

1. Vendors at the Omaha Farmer’s Market are really nice people. The neighbors on both sides of our tent at different times helped us out. Especially the woman and her son selling produce. She tied up our tent to hers with weights ( to prevent it form blowing away), and helped us secure our tarp. She also held Caroline:)

2. (This is a tough one to admit) Sometimes your husband gives good advice. Christian recommended bringing a tarp with us. And I wasn’t going to, but he put it in the car and we totally used it as a wall to keep us and our products dry.

Thanks, honey.

3. The sun does come out again. O.k. I know that sounds “cheesey”, but after a couple of hours (yes, hours) the sun did come out and it ended up being a nice day. And, people made their way to the market and to our booth (which ended up looking really nice thanks to Melany).

by Melany:

1. Everything is better with a friend.  I couldn’t imagine trying to set up a booth and man it on my own…all during a rain storm.  Two is always much nicer than one! (Carol: True that!)

2.   We are pretty protective of our products.  Our booth looked pretty pathetic and skimpy for the first two hours because we were scared our stuff would get ruined.  We put a lot of heart and soul into what we do and did not want to see anything get ruined.

3. Babies can sleep through ANYTHING.  While Carol and I were literally holding our tent down through the giant wind gusts, Caroline was sound asleep in the wrap sling.  Lucky baby.

4. It is worth it to persevere.  By 9:00a.m. we were worn out and ready to quit for the day.  We were so close  to packing up and shutting down but, for some reason, we kept waiting.  Like Carol said earlier, the sun eventually came out and people started coming to our booth and made purchases.  Because we stayed, we got to meet some great people, sell some products, take some orders and stay in good report with the Omaha Farmer’s Market.

Well, those are the lessons we have learned. Hopefully, the next time we are at the Farmer’s Market it will be the perfect day. . .


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2 Responses to Life Lessons. . .

  1. kendra says:

    I love your outlook that market-selling is an opportunity to problem-solve and learn more about your product and business, and also to hang out with a friend.
    Great blog, Carol and Melany!

  2. Christian says:

    You’re welcome.
    – Christian

    p.s. Terrific post about being on the front lines of the Farmer’s Market.

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